Tips for Ordering from Disburst


Tip #1 - Make sure you have a website account to view the full catalog.

All of our up to date information will be contained on the catalog for every email solitication we send out, so make sure you check out the catalog links for the latest information.  You will need to login to view pricing and unit information.


Tip #2 - Make sure you set up a wholesale account with us.

If you're an existing DKE customer in good standing, don't worry, your account is already open with us.  If you're a new customer and don't already have an account, you can find our account application form here.  Long-standing businesses and customers only interested in Credit Card terms only need to fill out sections 1, 2, & 6.  New businesses looking for extended terms beyond CC payment should fill out all sections.  Please scan and email the application to Wholesale -at- Disburst -dot- Com.


Tip #3 - SKUs are the most accurate way to place your order.

Because we're a new business in a warehouse with lots of product, the easiest way to make sure we fill you order accurately is to place it using our SKUs (aka old DKE item #s) and the quantities desired.


Tip #4 - Understanding the difference between Available, Backorder, Special Order, and Preorder product availibility.

All of the terminology around product availibility can be confusing, so here are some way to remember the differences:

Available - Describes products we normally stock that are currently accessible for ordering.

Backorder - Describes products we normally stock that are currently out of stock, but not discontinued.

Special Order - Products that are made and/or stocked to order.  These are often followed by a N/A indicator because the In/Low/Out of Stock indicator does not apply.

Preorder - Products that will become normally available in the future, but where the total quantity made available may depend on the volume of pre-orders.


Tip #5 - Send in your order.

Once you know your order, send it in! :)  You can send it via email, fax, Skype, Google hangouts, etc.  We have all of these contact methods and more, though we have to be careful of listing them openly, because, spambots.  But, ask for one though our Contact form if you don't already know it and we're happy to share.