About Us

Disburst Ltd is a partnership between current Columbus, Ohio residents, Scott K. and Kent B. Having become acquainted when Rivet opened in '07 in the Short North, the pair often discussed business planning and execution with respect to their various entrepreneurial ventures in Columbus. The announced sale of the wholesale business operations of DKE Toys finally presented an opportunity to partner together on a joint project and thus Disburst was born. Launched February 1st, Disburst aims to take the long successful history of DKE's business model and extend it into the future.

Scott has been involved in the Columbus art scene since assisting with the execution of the Operation Fragmentation group show which shortly predated the opening of Rivet in 2007. His professional background includes 15+ years of financial and business systems software development, in addition to 15+ years of entrepreneurial retail, online and brick-n-mortar, board membership on the Short North's Arts District business association, and a large helping of artistic exhibition planning and execution through his support for Rivet and its over 100 art exhibitions.

Kent's background in the Columbus tabletop gaming scene stretches back over 2 and a half decades as the owner and operator of The Soldiery. His background includes 25+ years of retailing as an small business owner/operator, 17+ years of direct mail advertising, business start up and entrepreneurial consulting. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Kent traveled throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, starting his first import-export company at age 23. His hobbies include cooking, traveling, and business development.